by Rainbow Tigers

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released August 18, 2016

j.kleinberg: guitar, omnichord, voice and other assorted instruments
eva langman: voice
ray halliday: trumpet on 1
john willhoite: drums on 2, 5
joel murach: bass on 2, 5
peter altenberg: sarangi on 3
kalyan krause, eve and alice norrell: vocals on 1

wallysound: engineered basic tracks for 2,5

john leflore: cover art



all rights reserved


Rainbow Tigers San Francisco, California

Rainbow Tigers is a San Francisco duo that sing songs about Princess Leia, dirty socks, joy, sadness, everything, nothing and Perez Hilton.

Jaso’n k’Leinberg plays with Diego’s Umbrella and is fond of run-on sentences. Eva is a drama and creative writing teacher, and is the type of poet that waits for inspiration to strike, which is what everyone warns against.
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Track Name: AdultLand
Once upon a rhyme there was a place called AdultLand
Not too far from where you are now
The people who lived there were scared,
for they were under constant attack from the invisible monsters
So that they bought big houses to protect themselves,
Fast cars so they could make a quick getaway
and cell phones so they could call their friends if they came under attack from the monsters,
But The harder they fought, the worse it got,
They just couldn’t seem to win the battle…

In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…

Work so hard to make ends meet,
Can’t see the woods not even the trees.
Always try to get a head,
While the one you got is seeing red…

In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…

Remember when you used to go “la la la la la la”?

Now you’re in AdultLand
In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…
Look around in
In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…
A fun game called
In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…
It’s your turn
In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…
Fading out in
In AdultLand, a dull land, AdultLand…

And they lived happily ever after.
Track Name: Funny Funny World
It’s a funny world,
Funny, Funny world…

Be yourself but lose some weight
Try to be good try to be great
You will be happy in the world
If you find that perfect girl

It’s a funny world,
Funny, Funny world…

And the man out on the street
Needs a quarter for to eat
So he’s sticking out his hand
Finds caviar in the garbage can

It’s a funny world,
Funny, Funny world…
Track Name: May I Feel Said He
may I feel? said he
I’ll squeal said she
Just once said he
It’s fun said she
May I touch? said he
How much? said she
A lot said he
Why not? said she

Let’s go said he
Not too far said she
What’s too far? said he
Where you are said she
May I stay? Said he
Which way? said she
Like this said he
If you kiss said she

May I move? Said he
Is it love? Said she
If you’re willing said he
But you’re killing said he
But it’s life said he
But your wife said she
Now said he
Oww said she

Tip top said he
Don’t stop said she
Oh no! said he
Go slow said she
c-c-c-come said he
oh-oh-oh said she
you’re divine said he
you are mine said she
you are mine said he
Track Name: There's Only You
I’ve forgotten things I learned in college
all useless knowledge I used to know
I’ve forgotten things I wanted to be, things I wanted to see
things I wanted to be, where to go
I forgotten the end and the means,
dreaming of my dreams who i am
I forgotten the color of the sky
asking of the why to understand

Do do do do
There’s only you

I’ve forgotten the old and the new,
taste of food, the time of day
I’ve forgotten the false and the true
what not and what to do to find my way
I’ve forgotten how to walk how to talk
how to think how to blink how to dress myself
I’ve forgotten bout my name, forgotten why i
came who to blame who to ask for help

Do do do do
There’s only you

I forgotten my good family,
the whole country rest of the world
I forgotten how to be alone
to leave my home my sails unfurled

Do do do do
There’s only you
Track Name: Pictures Of Your Life
She’s got a way of life that makes her proud,
She’s not afraid to have a bumpersticker on her car that
shouts to the world:


What will she be when Perez is just a memory?
What will she do when everything she knows is through?